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Welcome to my story.

If this is your first time, it is really nice to know that you are one of our loyal customers on EGO UNLEASHED 

These are my babies, and I am so proud of how far we have come. You know, I was just another educated country girl all the way from Arkansas with a huge dream, a vision, and a deep love for fashion.

Today, EGO UNLEASHED is that fashion baby I envisioned and dreamed of becoming a reality. I can now show the world elegant, affordable, and high-quality pieces that inspire, motivate, and transforms.

I am a diva and a boss lady, so I want my clothes to emulate that character, finesse, and beauty – the alter ego in me.

So how did this all start?

Wow, it is like a dream come true for me. I have a knack for business, and these babies of mine are represented under my overall brand, Tricia Fields Associates LLC. It is a string of companies that I own.

A girl can desire and own it—the boss lady in me.

Next, I pursued my fashion dream and birthed it five years ago. My brand caters to all – young or old, small, medium, or plus-size; it does not matter. My team and I do it all. Today, EGO UNLEASHED is more than another fashion store; it is the dream of a woman that wants to see other women own it, take it, control it in elegant and beautiful pieces regardless of their fashion choices.

But wait, there’s more!

I have gone ahead and started a cosmetic line. Finding the right beauty product is complicated, but when you find one that works, you brand it.

PURE ELEGANCE is my cosmetic line designed to enhance your inner beauty. Combine it with fashion pieces from EGO UNLEASHED, and nothing should stop you from unleashing that alter ego you have lurking inside.

You are beautiful.


A team of designers
that make dreams
come true

Unique Fashion Collection for everyone!

Our Cosmetic Line

Our love for fashion and fashion accessories also extends to makeup and today we have our very own cosmetic line. Like our clothing line, our cosmetic line is called Pure Elegance and is committed to providing high-quality makeup/beauty products for every skin type. We have been working with top brands and with natural products on the market to produce a versatile and unique cosmetic line. Our cosmetic line guarantees the following according to skincare regulatory guidelines:

It will be sold on our EGO UNLEASHED website.

Our Luxury
Pure Elegance

More eye catching

Our Collection

EGO UNLEASHED cares about your look and your wallet or purse. We are not corporate stores in business for the money; we want to ensure our customers are satisfied with their looks and items. We also offer handbags, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, and other accessories to complete any look you choose.

Our Vision

Every day we see a radical shift in fashion trends and accessories. Also, we see a change in how people shop for these pieces and accessories. Shopping should be fun and less stressful; EGO UNLEASHED intends to showcase every part of its business on one platform. We are your one-stop cosmetic line, consisting of eyebrow products, blushers, eyeshades, lip glosses, lipsticks, foundations, face powders, and many more. With EGO UNLEASHED, you can bring out your inner beauty!

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